SOCRATES says hello

The physicist Heribert Fuchshuber was at times very known. He was a popular speaker at congresses and talk shows. His approach to formulating the physical world formula or the Theory of Everything was very promising. Professional circles and the press indicated that his ideas could be the knowledge of the century.

But the research couldn’t progress any more and got stuck in a dead-end street. In addition, there were contradictions to the results of other researchers. Slowly but surely, the once promising physicist got less and less attention. Then he was left by his wife and children, what created his personal breakdown.

The once-agile scientist lost all his energy from one day to the next. Now he is kind of a noble clochard, sitting on a park bench all day long while reviewing the past. He has fictional conversations with the philosopher Socrates and his wife Xanthippe.

The no longer acting, the pure observation and the analysis become an end in itself. A world view is created and the place of man in the universe is sought by taking into account the latest scientific results . . .

Unlike to “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett, there is no specific waiting for something that does not come. It’s not “waiting”, but “observing” the thoughts when lingering unpretentiously.

The play extends over two halftimes of
50 minutes each.

2 actors
1 actress
Several extras

Idea by Andreas Stockhausen
Text by Dr. Rudolf Volz

Available for premiere.

The play is a summary of 20 individual dialogues of 10 minutes each with regard to various topics such as truth, ethics, universe etc.